“Worrisome Veteran Video” AKA Why Penn State Can Kiss My Irish Ass!

*Update: Youtube took down the video…so here it is again.


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10 responses to ““Worrisome Veteran Video” AKA Why Penn State Can Kiss My Irish Ass!

  1. Abe

    since they have no problem employing child abusers, this shit doesnt surprise me. What effing planet are they living on anyway

    • One filled with PTSD addled zombies. Whenever you see things like this, I think what is most telling is that as a institution they must be very comfortable with this type of material to go forward with producing a video about it. Of course, they will just blame it all on a summer intern which is SOP for CNN/MSNBC.

      • LauraK

        Just disgusted watching that vid. That sure shows an institutional mindset against vets. And yet they are hypocritically proud to have had Mike Murphy attend school there.

  2. Hmmm…. I think if they produced it as part of a series for how to train professors on how best to keep a situation with a veteran from blowing up, then I think I’m okay with it.

    I’ll be honest. I didn’t see near as much shit as some of our veterans today, but I was pretty messed up when I went to school. It was hard to adjust to civilian life, I DID feel as if my views affected some of my grades, and I wanted to beat the crap — or worse — out of a few of the spoiled and stupid students.

    I think there ARE real issues for veterans who are trying to adjust to civilian life and college, so assuming this was part of a series (with training videos included), then I’m okay with it.

    For all we know, this was just a video that was the “Have you ever had such a situation happen in your classroom?” Presumably, additional videos would be about ways to deal with them.

    Maybe I’m just giving them the benefit of the doubt though.

  3. Storm

    I went from outrage to being completely disheartened to see a woman and a black man STEREOTYPING a veteran – did they learn nothing from the generations that went before them? As for leadership, the woman came off as completely incapable and of handling a situation so badly that it escalated and her supervisor clearly was incapable of anything more than reciting the ‘what-to-do’ handbook and throwing her under the bus, and the veteran was a cartoon buffoon of how they chose to STEREOTYPE a veteran. No only was this video any number of ‘isms’, but it had no point, no purpose beyond the message: Veterans need not apply here, and frankly, I would support that!

  4. Abe

    I have seen worse customers at Walmart…Did not seem like much of a training video to me…Very unprofessional representation.

  5. HJW

    Stereotyping does not bring about more sensitivity. If you’re going to do a training program on how to handle an angry student, you naturally make the point that the student is a vet? Really? Then why not make one about an angry black man? Oh, suddenly it doesn’t sound so good now, does it?
    This video shows the prejudices of this institution. Unfortunately, they don’t know they are prejudiced. In this case, their prejudice is against veterans.

  6. jwesten

    1. Times change. First cross word out of my mouth, I’d have been out of there -and not because I was a vet.
    2. At a big school like Penn State, you’d have been dealing with an ugly-ass teaching assistant whose disposition was worse than yours.
    3. All the vets where I went to school grew our hair out and pretended to be regular under grads.
    4. Anti-war sentiment was strong on campus. My biggest fear was being found out and being labeled a baby-killer. That would have interfered with my main interest, apart from acquiring an education.
    5. I knew a couple of folks who brought stuff back with them. Their afflictions would have prevented them from lasting more than a few weeks in college.
    6. This is the baby-killer syndrome updated and repackaged. Bears no more resemblance to reality now than it did forty years ago. Sends delicious chills up liberal spines.
    7. Ordered your book. Will post a review when I get it read.
    V/R JWest

  7. John

    The irony is pretty thick here…they trotted out all the progressive stereotypes..concerned elitist woman, minority administrator, young disturbed male veteran…

    Are they kidding? A school that covered up pedophilia for decades in their football program releases this garbage? I would be embarrassed to be a PSU grad.

  8. The stereotype of the veteran as a public nuisance is unfortunate. Veterans have to go above and beyond to reintegrate into society without assuming civilians will meet us halfway. Even civilians who know me well will never fully accept me because I have worn a uniform. We adapt and drive on.

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