Gearing up for the SHOT Show in Las Vegas


The SHOT show last year was a blast even though it was a whirlwind for me.  I was out in the desert for the range day and then did one day of the show before flying out that night as I had to begin the next semester of college.  This year will be a little more relaxed.  I’m flying out early to meet up with some old Ranger buddies to film the next episode of Inside the Team Room for SOFREP TV.  I think the show is going to come out great and it will be awesome to catch up with some old friends.  After that, it is off to the media day at the range and then the SHOT show itself.  I’ll be scoping out some new gear and post some updates and pictures here at!  It will also be cool to hang out with fellow military fiction writers such as Peter Nealen and Jack Silkstone.  You never know who you will run into at SHOT.  Last year I crossed paths with Matt Bissonnette, the now infamous SEAL Team Six operator who published “No Easy Day” under his pen name, Mark Owen.

Hope to see you in Vegas!


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5 responses to “Gearing up for the SHOT Show in Las Vegas

  1. Rob

    Hey Jack,

    I hope you’ll do a write-up of what went on at the show and post some pictures on this website.

    Hmmm, maybe I should think about escaping our winter up here in Canuckland and going down to Vegas for the show next year!


  2. John

    Sounds like you have some fun plans. I will have to take a rain check due to work schedules.
    I look forward to photos and stories…

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