Mailing Out Your Books


Thanks everyone who ordered, the response was pretty overwhelming!  I’ve only got three more Target Deck paperbacks available at this time and then I will have to order another shipment.  On the other hand, I’ve got three boxes filled with Reflexive Fire novels…


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22 responses to “Mailing Out Your Books

  1. Thomas Hill

    Both GREAT books…let’s get on with the next one!


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  2. Abe austin

    Jack, you may already be aware, but you can use your PayPal account to process, purchase and print media mail labels so you don’t have to stand in line at the post office. PayPal does not advertise the web link as it allows you to create a label shipping to any address without having received a pymt from that person. bin/webscr?cmd=

    I sell on eBay and this has saved me from having to pay for a subscription. And you can give to your postal carrier or just drop off at post office.
    Congrats on moving so many copies right away!

  3. Abe

    It looks like it only hyperlinked part of the full web link…Did you enter bin/webscr?cmd=

  4. Abe

    There isnt a quick link to it when you log into your Paypal account. Paypal doesnt publicize its existence as far as I know. I only found out from a friend who was selling on Amazon.Com and Ebay and passed the link on to me. You can always print a label for a customer that pays you for a shippable item to the address associated with their pymt, but this link allows you full flexibility to ship to any address you type in…And debits your paypal account for the shipping amount. You can print the label out on an 8 1/2 x11 sheet and tape to package.
    Ok, my bad, just went through the login myself and here is the correct address…SORRY man!

  5. Abe

    The only downside is you cannot do First Class International, only Priority or Express International through the Paypal ship now….With my experience shipping books, I recommend using the Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope for $16.95 Covers up to 4lbs and delivery in 7-10 days…Keep in mind, this would not cover Burkina Faso, the DRC or even the Gaza Strip….But is good for most countries and to be honest, First Class International for 1- 2lbs is right at or more expensive than 16.95…Label will print your customs form, etc…I hate standing in post office lines, and the other perk is Delivery Confirmation is only .19 extra instead of like .90 at the post office. ( If you need tracking service ) Thats for domestic service only tho

    • This is pretty bad ass dude, I’m going to give this a try when I ship out some more books tomorrow. Thanks for the pointer! Thus far, I’ve been sending everything out via media mail.

      • Abe

        no prob mad…happy to help!

      • Abe

        Ya media mail is the route to go for domestic and check out the Priority Mail Internation Flat Rate Envelope for Int’l orders…There are free envelopes your can pick up at your post office. There is no media mail for Int’l shipments, so options are really limited and expensive….

      • Free envelopes?!? I’ve been getting screwed here!

      • Abe

        well the envelopes are free for priority mail shipping not media mail…but, if you wanted to get creative, you could pick up a handful of the free priority or express mail tyvek waterproof mailers and put the book in those, than overwrap with butchers paper one time, and slap your label on top. Just dont use the free priority or express mail products and slap and media mail label on it ( without hiding the packaging ) or it may get returned to you with a nasty letter from your local postmaster….

  6. Abe

    And I would assume you may need to order some bubble mailers to keep on hand…You can pay $1 or more each at the store…I have always used this website for mailers, tape, labels, etc…Free shipping on any order over $25 I know your not doing a ton of shipping, but may be worth the investment to purchase 50 or more of the #2 mailers…Just trying to help. I had to muddle my way through all of this a few years ago so happy to pass on to you. I would prefer to give you more time to write the next Deckard novel!!

  7. Abe

    And APO/FPO…same rate as domestic, but does require the “long” customs form completed, so you can still print postage on Paypal, but would need to fill out the customs form and have postmarked at post office. I have no clue why the short customs form is not acceptable….I have never recvd a straight answer on this….Just so your aware, as I am sure you will get a few orders from down range.

  8. Abe austin

    Did the PayPal shipping work?

    • Actually, yes, it worked very well but my daughter broke my printer…so no it didn’t work for technical reasons! Thanks for the advice though. Next time I have large shipments to send out I will make good use of this.

  9. Abe austin

    right on..looking forward to your non fiction account of what went down in Benghazi…also was curious what your thoughts are on the talk that Obama may consider an executive order and bypass congress regarding gun control….

    • The Executive Order bit is just hot air from a windbag…Joe Biden. The book about Benghazi is now with the publisher and is being edited, we’re looking at a release date in early February.

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