How to get Signed Books, Patches, and Hats

After numerous requests for signed books I have put together the instructions needed for readers to order signed copies of my book.  What we have below are paypal buttons which will allow you to buy signed copies of all three of my novels with your paypal account or simply by paying with your credit/debit card.  I’m sorry, but for logistical reasons this will be the only manner in which I will accept payment.  Please also send me a note when you purchase the book letting me know who you would like the book made out to and if there is any specific inscription you would like.  The books will be sent out in a USPS envelope via media mail.


One caveat, and I hate to do this, if you live outside the United States please contact me ( before buying so that I can calculate shipping costs.  It isn’t that big a deal to ship to the UK or Canada but when you start shipping books to Africa and South East Asia you can get shipping costs for a 1 pound book that go over 30 dollars!  Just let me know where you are, I’ll figure out the shipping, and I will be happy to send out your book to Burkina Faso, Malaysia, or Bhutan.

Thanks for reading and following along with Deckard’s shenanigans!

Signed copy of Reflexive Fire, 14.95+5.00 shipping.  Total price: 19.95



Signed copy of Target Deck, 15.95+5.00 shipping.  Total price: 20.95


DirectActionPreviewshot Signed copy of Direct Action, 15.95+5.00 shipping. Total: 20.95


11806751_10153586727976495_306490346_o (1)

Signed copy of Gray Matter Splatter, 15.95+5.00 shipping. Total: 20.95. Please include a note in the Pay Pal payment letting me know which book you are buying.




Special Edition Gray Matter Splatter ballcap with Samruk International velcro patch.  The ballcap is made by Helikon Tex in PenCott Snowdrift camouflage.  The velcro Samruk International patch is made by PVC Patch World.  This hat is adjustable, one size fits all, which I figured would be a good choice since the last batch of hats were fitted and a lot of readers were not able to find their sizes. 30 hats available while supplies last.


patch3Samruk International Callsign ID patch.  Velcro on the back.  Letters glow in the dark but do not glow in the IR spectrum.  IR tape was not used in order to keep the price down since few, if any, readers need a IR Samruk patch!  9.95+1.00 shipping. Total: 10.95.

20 patches available.  While supplies last!



hat1Samruk International ballcaps made by Viper Headwear.  These are custom made fitted ball caps in PenCott’s Green Zone pattern.  The Samruk International logo is embroidered on the hat in black and white thread.  Because these are fitted ball caps, the buyer must specify their hat size in the note section of their paypal order or I will be forced to delete your order.  $35.95. SOLD OUT!



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22 responses to “How to get Signed Books, Patches, and Hats

  1. Christopher Colyer

    I was interested in purchasing some Samruk gear and a signed copy of your new book but the Paypal links dont seem to work for those products.

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  3. Don Lewis (oldSquid)

    oldSquid here…Don Lewis..just ordered a hat through Paypal and forgot to enter the size… I need a 7 5/8 ( big giuy, big head) Hope you get this and don’t cancel the order… if you neeed to contact me, my e-mail is

  4. Jack, you fucking rock! I just received my Samruk cap, and it is everything advertised and more. Thanks for paying attention to those details like we knew you would.

  5. Greg

    Jack got my hat and patch today thank you.
    The hat fits true to size but not to tight and is very comfy.
    For me this brand hat has the perfect fit.

  6. Will

    Any chances of T-shirts and Patches with the Samruk logo this time around?

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  8. Alex Barowski

    I would like to buy all 4 books a hat, and a patch. Is there anyway to order all at once or does it have to be donr individualy.

  9. BigB

    Your thoughts on Spectral on Netflix?

  10. Dan Young

    Hello! I ordered a hat back on dec 13th (according to my paypal receipt) but the hat never came! I was wondering if it maybe got lost in the shuffle? Thanks!

  11. Tuulos

    Do you have any plans to make more of those fancier patches that came with Gray Matter Splatter caps? Or similar caps with those patches?

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