Reflexive Fire: What Came Before Target Deck


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For those of you who are interested in reading Target Deck but have not read the first Deckard novel, Reflexive Fire, I will help get you up to speed with this post.  First off, you can jump right into Target Deck and follow along just fine if you have not read the first book even if few references to the previous novel might not make sense to you.  That said, I will summarize for you here…

Reflexive Fire introduces the protagonist named Deckard.  He is a former Special Operations soldier who is currently on the outs with his former employers in the CIA.  At the moment he is accepting jobs from a handler, a shady Vietnam-era Special Forces veteran who assigns him targets for assassination.  Okay, so you’re thinking that you’ve seen this plot plenty of times before, I know.  That’s just the intro.

Deckard’s handler sends him undercover using an alias to Bohemian Grove.  A highly secretive cabal is planning something huge, but he doesn’t know what so Deckard is sent into the fray to find out.  The cabal of old men hire Deckard to lead a battalion of Kazakh mercenaries.  Traveling to Kazakhstan Deckard takes charge of Samruk International and begins training and equipping his own private Army in preparation for whatever plot the cabal has in mind.

The novel chronicles Deckard efforts to uncover this plot while simultaneously preparing Samruk International and accepting actual combat operations from the cabal that take him to Afghanistan and Burma.  They want Samruk to eliminate a number of drug lords around the world for reasons unknown.  For the time being, Deckard has to play along.

When he does discover the real purpose behind Samruk International and what the cabal have planned (it is real end-of-the-world type business) Deckard flips the switch on their plans.  He re-purposes Samruk International and turns them against his employers.  It will take a small Army to defeat them but that’s exactly what Deckard now has at his disposal.  It’s a real blood bath so check out Reflexive Fire if you missed it.

Target Deck picks up perhaps two months after the events of Reflexive Fire.  Deckard and what is left of his mercenary battalion are cooling their heels in Kazakhstan and expecting some kind of retaliation for the stunt they pulled at the conclusion of Reflexive Fire.  That retaliation never happens as high level members of the defense and intelligence community know they dropped the ball and are secretly thankful for what Deckard did.

Receiving a desperate call for help, Deckard leads a small element to Mexico.  A local police chief asks him to conduct some recon and prepare for follow on operations directed against the drug cartels that have taken over his jurisdiction.  In short order, the chief is murdered and his daughter (who has inherited his title) is kidnapped by one of the cartels.  With his employer dead, Deckard doesn’t feel he can leave the girl in the lurch and launches a rescue operation.  This is the first scene of Target Deck.

You can pick up Reflexive Fire today for our Kindle or in paperback and standby for Target Deck on January 1st!


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4 responses to “Reflexive Fire: What Came Before Target Deck

  1. I see Target Deck available on Amaxon in print, but not for Kindle. I want the signed copy from you, but will ebook go live at midnight? Becaus I’ll be awake, and ready to spend money!

    • Some of the Gremlins are seeing the fat man behind the curtain… If you go digging you can find both editions to order prior to the official release date…

  2. HVT secured. However, out of respect for your efforts and wishes (as well as the fact that if I start reading now I won’t go to sleep tonight) I’m going to keep the black hood over his head until the 1st. Plane ride back to DC is the perfect opportunity to see what you’ve cooked up. Congrats again getting this next one out.

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