TEAM SCHLITZ: Tunnel to Towers 5K

Folks, please join me at the Tunnel to Towers run with Team Schlitz this coming Sunday, September 30th.  Michael lost both his arms and got third degree burns on 80% of his body during an IED blast in Iraq.  The money from this event will be used to build Michael a smart home down in Georgia.  Military types, bring your ruck, camo pants, and Team Schlitz t-shirt.  We are going to be rucking it. -Jack

Hope you have all registered but, if not here again is the link be sure to write that you are running in honor of TEAM Schlitz. Also are shirts our now available to be ordered from Ranger Up by going to this link write in the comments block that you are doing the NYC run to ensure quick shipping. And for all of you looking to

donate directly to Mike’s home or know someone that would like to donate on your behalf go to this link also just wanted to give a brief heads up on the events of that day:Military veterans, both current and former and those who would also like to participate in the 5k ruckmarch- No weight requirement in ruck(suggest over 40 lbs), camouflage pants from your branch, boots, Team Schlitz t-shirt and optional headgear of your own choice. Following the 5k march rucks will be dropped off at ladder 10 next to the WTC.

Civilians both walking and running- Please wear Team Schlitz shirts, shorts or running pants(weather dependent), comfortable sneakers. No strollers, backpacks, wheelchairs, roller blades, bicycles, etc will be allowed (sorry).

After the 5k there will be a Gary Sinise concert with food and drinks followed by celebratory drinks at a local Pub procured by SFC Schlitz, Sgt Nigro and myself. Any Questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at or you call me at 973-985-8194 or contact Dan Nigro at 201 739 8871. I will continue to keep you all up to speed within the next few weeks. Remember, REGISTER-TSHIRTS-DONATE!!! September 30th is right around the corner!!!


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4 responses to “TEAM SCHLITZ: Tunnel to Towers 5K

  1. John

    Jack – awesome cause!

    Since I live half a continent away I hereby designate your feet as my feet….see how I just grabbed a great time? hehehehe

    Have a great race and day!

  2. First Sergeant Candi O. Belle USA-R

    Hooyah and Hooah! Hard core boys! I’d love to join you.retired after Afganie and the ‘sandbox” 32 years! I’m in Georgia, tell me where I can help to build a home for that warrior.?

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