Why SEAL Team Six Should Be Used as Benchwarmers

With the 9/11 attacks being the story of the last decade, the raid that resulted in the killing of Osama Bin Laden may be the big story of this decade.  Before SEAL Team Six inserted via classified stealth helicopters and killed HVT #1, the White House, the Pentagon, and the CIA had an agreed upon narrative that would be sold to the public.  This narrative would presumably help everyone take the most amount of credit possible, but would also do the responsible thing in maintaining operational security.  This means that the military would be able to protect Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, while the CIA would protect sources and methods.

Then one of the stealth helicopters, probably a highly modified MH-60 Blackhawk, crash landed inside the compound.  With the agreed upon cover story thrown into disarray, the White House panicked.  This was the big story that would keep the President in office for another four years and if the Public Relations spin made them look bad it could be curtains for the administration.  The White House then began to leak sensitive information.  Perhaps the culmination of these leaks was a pitifully bad article about the OBL raid in The New Yorker magazine, describing a childish facsimile of an actual military operation.



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5 responses to “Why SEAL Team Six Should Be Used as Benchwarmers

  1. mhuston19@aol.com

    These NSWG cats are jus all over the radar now its not even funny anymore. Man in the 90’s dev was only known by those in the know and if it wasn’t for Chuck Norris hardy would have been the same but then again thanks to him and the canned series nobody paid any attention so they were still able to fly nap of the earth. Havin had the chance to really break bread and chat w/ the dev-sters they were all really laid back low key dudes as opposed to the fresh outta buds kids that came through airborne and rgr school. Anyway times change I guess have changed or its always the one in the group scenario…………

  2. John

    These posts are really knocking the Internet world askew. Very good reporting Jack – of course the embarrassing family photo is just disturbing..”.

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