Finished the Draft of Target Deck today

123k words.  Glad I was able to knock it out before the end of the summer.  Now comes the proof reading and editing.  Marc is nearly finished with the cover.  I’m looking to release the book before Christmas!  Stay tuned for excerpts and more…


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15 responses to “Finished the Draft of Target Deck today


    Jack Congrats on your 2nd release in the Decker saga! Did u get my request for your cell #? My old phone got zapped and I lost the majority of my contacts. I take with the Target Deck project you haven’t had a chance to break the seal on Tentaculo or have you?



  2. Congrats, Jack. 123,000. That has to be epic.

  3. badelaire

    Awesome. If you’re looking for beta reading, let me know. Out of curiosity, how long was RF, words-wise? I’m thinking it was longer than 123K…

    • No, RF was 110k so this one will be somewhat longer. I will definitely hit you up. I haven’t forgotten about Killer Instincts, I’m working on catching up now. I’m reading Nate’s book and then a Ranger buddy wrote a screen play I have to review but I will get to it!

      • badelaire

        Coolness. KI has gotten some good reviews, but sales have been extremely stale. My WW2 Commando book, on the other hand, lacks a single review, but is actually selling about a copy a day in the UK, which is far, far better than any title I’ve had so far. There appears to be a big, relatively new push for WW2 fiction in the UK, and I’m happy to jump on that bandwagon!

      • My PROMIS: Rhodesia short is my best seller for the UK so I think if you target that market you will see some traction.

  4. Like I said on FB, great job, really looking forward to it. And as this website demonstrates, your use of social media/technology continues to lead the pack, but with that leadership comes a wake in the water. We all trail in that wake, waiting on our book! WHEN CAN WE HAVE IT!!! Keep up the great work, from what you’ve posted here, it’ll be worth the time spent waiting.

  5. Robert Chevrette

    Congrats on finishing TARGET DECK. I’ll be ordering my copy from you as soon as you have some paperback editions in stock. Looking forward to reading it.

  6. Mark Fields

    Jack – Congrats on finishing TARGET DECK. Will you be doing any NYC Book Signings anywhere?

    Mark Fields

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