Deleting the Koran From My Kindle E-Reader

For the record, I like Muslims as a whole.  I think that they have been misrepresented and misunderstood in many ways.  When I was deployed to Iraq I trained and fought with Muslim soldiers, many of whom would have laid down their life for me if it came to that.  However, every religion has a certain group of crazy people…these were the people we were fighting in Iraq.  Sadly, they don’t have much of a sense of humor.


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9 responses to “Deleting the Koran From My Kindle E-Reader

  1. Jack,

    I put about five different possible replies — all funny and inappropriate — but took my finger off the trigger and didn’t post them. I don’t think I’ll get in politics, but who knows, and I don’t need something out there that could deep six me.

    And then it hit me that with your background, intellect, and studies at Columbia, you’re a strong candidate for a run at some point, which I know you’re not thinking about now, but I still think it wise you yank this down before it’s saved and used against you some day.

    Just trying to cover you, my man.


    • What you see is what you get Stan! If I became “someone” one day and this video got put on MSNBC it would just increase the level of social satire!

      • Very true.

        I don’t know if you know, but I graduated with a journalism degree and have spent the past ten years in the media — newspapers specifically, but have lots of friends in broadcast, magazine, etc.

        Anyway, I know how these people think and I know how they’d react to this. They’d call it dangerous and probably half a dozen other terms.

        Just trying to watch your back, my friend. (Still enjoying the book, by the way. You’re a great writer. And I bought your weapons book because my goodness has a lot changed since I was in the biz between 95-99.)

      • When you finish my book you’ll see that I knew very well that I was flushing any pretense of belonging to polite society down the toilet the moment I hit the publish button. That said, if I was going to run for office I would run with the Libertarian Party and I think they wouldn’t have much of a problem with my parody and exercise of the 1st amendment!

      • I hate both parties, and agree with many of the Libertarian ideas.

        What made you decide to get out the SF?

      • A lot of things. They made the decision easy for me. Sad to say it, but I lost a lot of faith in the Army and its leadership, its lack of mission focus, and so much more.

      • We’re probably in the same boat. I joined convinced I’d do twenty — or thirty if they let me.

        But, it’s so political once you get that third stripe, and suddenly the pansies that once used you, you’re running laps around them and making them look bad. And it’s like the by-the-book, soft career chumps just do everything they can to destroy you with their paperwork and envy.

        I’m absolutely convinced that the best — in most cases — get out. They simply can’t function in such an environment. I’m not saying this is always the case, but most of the greatest NCO’s and Officers that I knew eventually bowed out of the stupidity and decided to compete in the civilian world.

        Sadly, the civilian world usually rewards competence much fairer than the military does.

  2. As a muslim (nominally), I actually find this rather amusing and… refreshing. Too much hate out there!

    Found this blog after reading Reflexive Fire. I quite enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one.

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