FPS Nation Interview

How did you develop Deckard’s personality and character?

Deckard is a combination of personality traits that are not commonly found into the Special Operations community but are also consistent with the type of eccentric person that you only find in Special Operations units. He is the type of person who could never exist in “civilized” world. That said, he also carries many of the characteristics that are often found in professional soldiers, he has a strong sense of right and wrong and a sense of honor about him. The missions he accomplishes are so impossible that I figure that the man running the show must be a little strange to begin with so that is how I approach the character. He isn’t the stereotypical Captain of the football team type that is common in the genre of military thrillers.

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5 responses to “FPS Nation Interview

  1. Robert Chevrette

    Another good interview, Jack. Maybe next time mention REFLEXIVE FIRE’s great supporting characters, Jager and Rochenoire! Lol.

    • Jager will be back in Target Deck but Rochenoire is still laid up in the hospital after the events of Reflexive Fire!

      • Robert Chevrette

        I didn’t know you intended to include Jager in TARGET DECK. Cool. Looking forward to reading it.

        I know it’s hard to set a timeline, but do you have a target date set for when you would like to have it released?

        Concerning the title,……How did you come up with it? Is it an actual SF term or something you made up yourself? Does it appear within the story itself or is it just something you liked the sound of and wanted to use?

      • It’s a semi-military term. Different Task Forces have their own target deck that they churn through. I’m shooting for a fall release.

  2. Good job, keeping getting that name out there.

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