NEWS: SOFREP, Directed Energy Weapons, and more

I recently gave a presentation on Directed Energy Weapons for a class I took at Columbia University:

You can view more, including some additional commentary by reading the full article on

This week I also wrote an article on women’s self defense that I hope clears up some of the disingenuous information that is out there on this topic.

My friend Iassen, a fellow Ranger Regiment veteran, wrote a very interesting article about the three Special Operations soldiers who were killed in Mali this week.

I wrote some commentary recently about mission creep in regards to the deployment of UAV’s on American soil.

With some help, I put together an update on what is going on in the Philippines and in the Pacific Rim with China attempting to throw it’s weight around.  Today it’s the Scarborough Shoal, tomorrow it may be the entire South China Sea.

Special Forces soldiers caught up in a scandal with Colombian hookers?!?!  Oh, nooooeeesss!  Say it ain’t so!

In case you missed it, Brandon and I were recently interviewed by ABC News!

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