Reflexive Fire Review!

Today my novel got a great review from fellow author and veteran, Steven Hildreth Jr.  Check it out:

In the military action thriller genre, it’s common to talk the talk. It’s the bare minimum, after all–in today’s information-rich society, it is ridiculously easy to pick out an author who didn’t do the research. But even among those who can talk the talk, there is an exalted category, those who have walked the walk. Those who have literally put their lives on the line outside the wire and bring their experiences with them to the written word.

Jack Murphy is one of the few who can talk the talk and that has walked the walk. As an eight years veteran of United States Special Operations Forces, Murphy has been the shooter on the front lines, and he delivers authenticity in spades in his debut print novel, Reflexive Fire. From weapons to small unit tactics, from leadership principle to an operations order, Murphy brings a nigh-unparalleled level of realism to his prose, outperforming established mainstream authors such as Vince Flynn and Brad Thor.

Read the rest on Steven’s blog and be sure to check out his book, The First Bayonet.

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4 responses to “Reflexive Fire Review!

  1. John

    That is pretty darn awesome…
    Great review.

  2. Sounds like it will be a great read. I will get me a copy,thanks. Always serving,captainahrens,82nd airourne.

  3. John


    Thanks for your service! This is one awesome read. I personally hope you enjoy it. Could not recommend it more highly.

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