Get the SOFREP!

The Best Ranger competition is coming up soon!  Catch up on the details before it kicks off in a few days.

Read about Chris Schulenburg, a Selous Scout and perhaps the world’s greatest Recon specialist.

Read my exclusive interview with a Recce trooper from Singapore!  He’s also the cover artist for my novel, Reflexive Fire.

Find out about the next Stuxnet type attack, this time called Duqu, before it happens.  I’ve been talking to insiders and everyone is scared of what this Trojan virus is going to unleash.

A sniper from 3rd Ranger Battalion (who served in my old platoon) named Nick Irving has published a book called Team Reaper this week.  Check out some excerpts from the book here.

Ross Hall hooked me up with a copy of his excellent Ranger history book called The Ranger Book.  Ross did an outstanding job and you can read my review and view a table of contents of the book on SOFREP.

Cyber-Terrorism: Don’t believe the hype that Uncle Sam and the defense contractors are trying to sell you.

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