Hi folks, it’s been busy but being busy is better than being bored.  Here is a run down of what I’ve been working on lately:

Matt VanDyke joins me for a third installment about his time spent as a freedom fighter in the Libyan Civil War.  In part three, Matt rates and evaluates the hodgepodge of weapons that the rebels used, including improvised rocket launchers and the like.  He also elaborates on what he sees in Libya’s future.

It’s always funny to see people on the internet sharpshooting photographs of operators that are actually the real deal.  I broke down the kit being used in one such photo to demonstrate that it does show a Delta Force soldier and that people might want to take a more measured approach when declaring a picture to be a fraud.


HALO/HAHO operations, more commonly called Military Free Fall or MFF, has changed dramatically in recent years.  Special Forces teams are now jumping while wearing body armor, night vision goggles, and the jumps are more much combat oriented.  I compiled some information and video on the MFF Advanced Tactical Infiltration Course this week.

This week John Stryker Meyer gave SOFREP a very nice endorsement and provided some background about MACV-SOG, including some excerpts from his book.  John was a One-Zero (Team Leader) on RT Idaho during the Vietnam War.  His team conducted clandestine cross border operations into Laos and Cambodia during the war.


Das Furer goes on a rant about the bureaucracy and bullshit happening to Special Forces teams these days.  This video is a spoof but tells it like it is.  If you ever wanted to know why I decided to leave the Army after eight years just watch this thing and it will become clear.



With this article I took a closer look at what future battlefields may look like.  I predict the use of micro-UAV’s will become common place for “clearing” buildings and structures without risking the lives of soldiers by sending them in first.  Underground warfare is a also covered in an IDF training video.

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