Ranger Physical Assessment Test (RPAT)


Another aspect of SOF units that has been overhauled in recent years is Physical Training.  In the past, the habit was the run and ruckmarch soldiers to death, but today, it seems as if smarter approaches are prevailing in the 75th Ranger Regiment as well as among individual Special Forces ODAs with the emphasis being on building functional strength and endurance relevant to actual combat operations.

Read more: http://sofrep.com/4517/ranger-physical-assesment-test-rpat/#ixzz1oTEGRvap


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5 responses to “Ranger Physical Assessment Test (RPAT)

  1. fgh

    I’ve seen Rangers(75th) whom didn’t get selected in SFAS and didn’t graduate from Ranger School… It speaks for itself.

  2. fgh,

    All because you are aware of some Rangers who were non-selects at SFAS or failed Ranger School? What is your experience with the Regiment and the training that it conducts? Soldiers from every unit in the military fail Ranger School (I recycled Darby) and flunk out of SFAS. If you don’t qualify that statement than it doesn’t really mean anything. For instance, I directly contradict your statement because I graduate from both Ranger School and SFAS as a member of 3rd Ranger Battalion.

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