Book Review: Black Site by Dalton Fury

Black Site: A Delta Force novel

I had been looking forward to reading Dalton Fury’s first novel, Black Site, since it was first announced because I knew as a former Army Special Operations guy, and a writer of military fiction myself, that someone with Fury’s background was set up for a grand slam. There are a lot of writers in this genre and some of them are very good, but I find that most of them just don’t understand SOF. I’m not just talking about the technical details, but they don’t get the mentality or the attitude. This was where Fury’s book really comes through for readers.


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2 responses to “Book Review: Black Site by Dalton Fury

  1. Tom Aument

    Hey Jack, I’m wondering if you ever had the opportunity to work with a very good friend of mine LTC Ronald Ward. I had the honor of serving with him when he was first starting out in his career and he proved to be a leader in every sense of the word. Ron was killed over a year ago in an experimental plane crash in Kansas. I think of him whenever the shit hits the fan in my life and the advice he would give to work me through it. He is missed.

  2. Hi Tom, I’m afraid I don’t think that we every crossed paths. I’m sure Ron is dearly missed. I was looking at some information on the web about him, he had an amazing career, no doubt about it.

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