Who wants to go to Ranger School?

Ranger School


Yeah, a lot of that going around apparently.  According to Ft. Benning’s newspaper, The Bayonet, Ranger School is struggling to fill its openings for Army Sergeants.  This is surprising, as Ranger School was essentially established to train Army NCOs in infantry tactics and leadership before sending them back to mother Army.  In this way, their new skill sets would diffuse amongst soldiers throughout the entire military.

The Bayonet is now reporting that Ranger School is experiencing a deficit of over 80% for the number of NCO’s who should be attending, a number that is only expected to grow.



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5 responses to “Who wants to go to Ranger School?

  1. Hmm. Is it because the Army is reflecting that we are now a nation of couch potatoes without the willpower to accomplish something worthwhile? Or is it that those with the mettle to do it have been spent on deployments? There must be a reason–this hasn’t ever happened before, has it?

    • I think deployments have taken their toll on our guys. Why do you want to go to two months of suck for “combat” training when you just came out of 12 months of suck in actual combat….

  2. Charlie Sierra

    Is it possible for Marines, to be sent to Ranger school? I know the MARSOC teams attend. Sad to see the numbers are down, because I know alot of leathernecks who would love to attend that training.

  3. Yes, there have always been Marines attending Ranger School. One of my RI’s was a Marine and he was seriously squared away.

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