PenCott, SOD, and Accuracy International at the SHOT show

SOD uniforms at SHOT 2012

Many of you may remember that I had a very favorable impression of  SOD’s uniform in Pencott’s “badlands” pattern that I reviewed last year, so it was great to meet the uniform’s creator at SHOT.  Max Valente told me that he is very excited about working with Pencott and that in Italy they are having some of the same issues that we are having with our camo patterns, and he is happy to offer his products to the Italian military since a lot of their issued items are not always up to standard.  Interestingly, he also said that what is publicly available on SOD’s websiteis perhaps 10% of the products that he has developed and sold.  The rest have gone to Italian Special Operations units, such as Folgore, and can’t be disclosed.  I could tell from talking to Max that he was really excited about the projects he had brewing behind the scenes and wanted to tell me more but simply couldn’t.  I’m hoping that some of these details will be revealed as the war in Afghanistan winds down but for now we can enjoy SOD’s work with Pencott, such as the “sandstorm” patterned uniform above.

Accuracy International was at SHOT this year showing off their new sniper rifles, including an updated modular chassis system with increased mounting options for slings and rail systems, newer models forgoing the classic thumb-through-the-stock grip that served us well with the .300 WinMag when I was a sniper.  The above rifle is AI’s new .338 long gun that accepts both 5 and 10-round magazines, without the need to lift the rifle off the ground while in the prone position due to a cut out on the side of the magazine well.

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