SHOT show 2012 range day!

Jack Murphy shooting the FNS-9

Read the full story about the new FNS-9 at Kit Up!

Breaching kit at SHOT

Designated Marksman rifle at SHOT

Solar powered weapons sight

More to come!


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2 responses to “SHOT show 2012 range day!

  1. Allan

    Nice photos. I looked up that Trijicon SRS, solar + AA battery is an excellent idea, sounds like that would be good for everywhere between Alaska and Afghan. 1.75 MOA dot is pretty nice too, any idea on the weight? Did you get to mess around with it at all?

  2. I didn’t shoot it Allan but my buddy Bill (Recon Marine) did and seemed to like it. It’s a red dot, nothing new there, but the battery should be good for about a year according to Trijicon. I think it’s a cool idea. It didn’t seem to weight anymore than any other red dot sight on the market when I was handling it.

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