Jack Murphy on a Romance blog!?!

Yes folks, unicorns do exist!  Thanks so much to Veronica Scott for having me!  Take a look:

Who do you see playing Deckard if RF gets picked up as a movie or series?

The only actor I could even remotely see as Deckard would be Clive Owen. He plays a tough, intelligent, bad ass very well but also has that kind of outlandish quality about him, the sense of the absurd, that Deckard also shares.

Read the rest on Veronica’s Blog!  Don’t forget to leave a comment so you can be entered to win a signed copy of Reflexive Fire and a $25 Amazon gift card.


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2 responses to “Jack Murphy on a Romance blog!?!

  1. William

    I could see Johnny Strong playing the part. After watching Sinners and Saints, I think he would make a good Deckard. The second person I could see playing him is Gerard Butler. He is very outlandish, but also came across ass a Bad Ass.

  2. Thanks for the tip William, I’m going to have to watch Sinners and Saints and see what it’s about!

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