Polish Commandos getting it done in Afghanistan

Here at Kit Up! we have been covering the Polish Special Forces units quite a bit and I’m happy to do it.  I’ve written in the past about Poland’s 1st Special Forces Regiment and David Reeder just had a cool article the other day about Polish SF training with the Indian military.  One of my sources recently came through with some information that has been vetted for OPSEC by those familiar with these operations, and as you can see, Polish SF is embracing the FID mission in Afghanistan.


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2 responses to “Polish Commandos getting it done in Afghanistan

  1. charlie sierra

    How do these troops differ from a Recon team or ODA? CB

    • I believe that these guys are being structured in a similar manner to ODA’s. An ODA can conduct Recce or DA missions but FID is their primary mission. From what I understand, the commandos will be somewhat like US Special Forces while GROM will retain the counter-terrorist mission as a strike force, more like Delta.

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