Carl Gustaf, Tactical Employment and Training

My buddy saw the response to my previous post about the M3 Carl Gustaf and wanted to elaborate and clarify a few things for our readers.  Below you will see the details that he shared with me on the tactical employment of the Goose, and some of the training considerations.  I hope this proves useful for those of you who are fixing to take this recoiless rifle to Afghanistan in the coming months.

Configuration of an Anti-Tank Team:

The gunner carries the gun (CG) and at the MOST an m4 is what we found to be good, but we eventually went with the gunner carrying a nine (M9). The goose can be a chore enough to lug around, and make sure its not dinging on anything (being that the sight mount is pretty sensitive).  I must say a two man goose team was essential during rough firefights and made all the difference sometimes where a Javeline would have made none.

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