Get PROMIS: Vietnam for free!

PROMIS is my military fiction series about soldiers and mercenaries in South East Asia, Africa, and beyond during the 70’s and 80’s.  The series follows the career of Sean Deckard, a former MACV-SOG soldier who finds more than he bargains for in the dirty little conflicts that happened in the background of the Cold War.  Issue One is now going for free on Amazon so go pick it up as it is on sale for a limited time only!

Sergeant Sean Deckard has been running recon with America’s ultra secret Studies and Observations Group for over a year, taking part in cross border operations into Laos, Cambodia, and North Vietnam. Coming off a mission that nearly decimates his entire team, Sean is given yet another suicidal task. It is a mission that could end the Vietnam War, a mission that powerful forces will do anything to prevent from happening.

Issue One in an exciting new military fiction series.

Short Story / Approx. 45 pages.

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