Interview with New Pulp!

I’ve got another interview up, this time with New Pulp thanks to my buddy and fellow author, Hank Brown.  This time we discussed genre fiction, both old and new, in regards to military fiction and how it is effected and evolving due to technology such as e-readers but also because of the times we live in:

HANK: Some are quick to point out that in fiction like ours, it’s all about the action. The firefights and exploding cars make or break the book, according to this logic, so why even bother with so much research and controversial backstory, anyway? After all, the reader just wants to escape, right?

JACK: Reality-based fiction can turn off some readers. I acknowledge that a certain segment of readers are simply looking for entertainment or escapism but I think most readers are looking for more. I try to respect the intelligence of my readers and write for them accordingly. Today readers are much better informed about Special Operations Forces. They know which side of an M16 has a forward assist on it; they know that Glocks don’t have thumb safeties. With the ongoing War on Terror I don’t think there has ever been so much interest in Special Operations. People are curious about the men, the mission, and of course all the “cool guy” go-to-war gear. Understanding this, you can’t really get away with all that Steven Seagal ninja stuff these days (except in parody or satire) and that’s fine with me since I’m not interested in writing that type of material.

I think this is the most interesting interview I’ve done so far, thanks to Hank asking some thought provoking questions.  Read the rest over at New Pulp!

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