Getting signed copies of Reflexive Fire:

Brandon and I are doing another run of signed copies of our books.  Brandon Webb (my editor at Kit Up!) is a former Navy SEAL and the author of The 21st Century Sniper.  Take a look at the post on Kit Up! if you’d like a signed copy of his book.  If you’d like a signed copy of Reflexive Fire, please let me know in the next day or two so I can order the paperbacks and send them out to you ASAP.  Here are the detailed instructions:

I’m more than happy to inscribe copies of my book however readers like.  Probably the best way to get a signed book is to buy the book directly from me at the list price (12.78) plus 3.00 dollars to ship it to you via media mail.  Drop me a line at reflexivefire@yahoo.comso I know who to make it out to.  If you already own a copy of my novel and would like it signed, hit me up at the same e-mail and I will give you a mailing address.  Send the book and a self addressed envelope with $3 for shipping and I will get that out to you ASAP.  Thanks for reading folks!

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