PenCott “Badlands” Uniform from S.O.D. pt. 1

I was impressed with PenCott’s latest offering the moment I tore it out of the plastic wrap. This is the most complex uniform that I’ve ever owned, perhaps short of a ghillie suit, which would incline one to think that it is actually over engineered. As I soon found out, Italy’s SOD made a nearly flawless product. I will split this review into two parts; this portion will review the uniform itself, and part II will focus on the effectiveness of the “Badlands” pattern.


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2 responses to “PenCott “Badlands” Uniform from S.O.D. pt. 1

  1. I saw this picture at Pencott’s Facebook Page and my first thought was “That guy really looks like Jack Murphy. He has a look-alike somewhere in the world”.

  2. Haha! Yeah, I used to write a lot of kit reviews before I transitioned over to bigger and better things.

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