Hyperstealth’s “Metro” pattern: utility or absurdity?

I’ve read on Kit Up! and else where that urban camouflage is completely ridiculous, that the best urban camo is a repairman’s uniform or jeans and a t-shirt. In terms of unconventional warfare I completely agree but is there also a valid need for dedicated tactical teams who work in metropolitan areas to have a uniform that reflects their environment?

Hyperstealth’s Metro pattern attempts to answer that question by providing an urban pattern for SWAT Teams and similar tactical units. Obviously, no matter how good the pattern is, it isn’t going to conceal an assault team stacked up on a doorway. I don’t think that is the point of uniforms like this, rather they are used to maintain uniformity amongst the team for identification purposes and in terms of camouflage they may give assault team members and snipers a slight edge when viewed from a distance.

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