Eight 5-star reviews for Reflexive Fire

Yes, I’m bragging again.  I’m just very flattered to see that my novel is connecting with people!

“A military novel, written by a true expert on the subject, just takes the story to another, higher level, compared to books made up by “civilian” authors with vivid imaginations. Reflexive Fire is written by a true and unquestionable military expert; Jack Murphy, an eight year U.S. Army Special Operations veteran, and this fact adds incomparable credibility and accuracy to the story, and to the important, and often neglected, details. I have served in the military for over 15 years, yet, by reading Reflexive Fire, I have actually picked up some new skills from the author Jack Murphy; e.g. how to cut time when reloading a AK 47 etc. It is however easy to miss all the grains of gold, because of the intriguing and cunning story, it does take a lot of will power to put the book down.

I highly recommend this book to both experts and amateurs.

Frank C. Jones “

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  1. Rock on, Jack. You certainly are connecting with your intended audience.

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