Frankengun Gooood!

Read about this Chimera gun that I encountered and the man who made it at Kit Up!


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4 responses to “Frankengun Gooood!

  1. Its great that these guys are so adept at slapping weapons together. Its very lego meets meccano set. I dont think i would want to fire it unless it was the only weapon at my disposal next to a water pistol.

  2. I had to decline his offer to let me shoot it as well. We already had a HK G3 blow up on us as it was…

  3. dansk

    jeez, the only thing that looks like it “fits” is the scope, heh! Used to watch tons of al-furqaan media vids and the ingenuity of these guys, whether isi or iraqi army is incredible. Cool article too on the link. Looks like if you pull the trigger the whole weapon will explode in all directions. Did any parts of the weapon jingle or rattle at all? Just looking at this thing makes me uncomfortable lol.

  4. Actually it seemed to function just fine…that said, I never had the balls to shoot it myself!

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