Dropping dimes…

Just a note to those out there trying to do research on yours truly…

Jack Murphy is not a pen name, it’s on my birth certificate.   I’m not that mysterious.  Drop me an e-mail and ask your questions or simply comment on this post.


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5 responses to “Dropping dimes…

  1. John

    Worth another chuckle – but did kit-up use “Christian” as your pen-name early on by mistake?


  2. No, that was just the editor of the site posting under his name the first time to introduce me. It’s clear from some of the google searches that people are doing that certain quarters are scrambling to figure out who I am.

  3. John

    Well – your book is getting some traction, and you touched the third rail poking at ST6. Get’s people intrigued…..I’m sure no villains are monitoring 24/7!

  4. I’m not trying to cause controversy intentionally. I think the truth does that all on it’s own. People get pretty riled up in the military community when someone voices a dissenting opinion, especially if they don’t pull a Scahill and actually know what they are talking about. The military has been beyond reproach for so long, it is unpatriotic to criticize after all, that everyone started believing their own bullshit.

  5. John

    Galileo was considered a heretic – the truth will only help us all retain or freedoms – though I tend to trust the military far more than many other branches of the USG.

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