Call sign patches and challenge coins

Here are the three Call Sign patches I wore while I was in the Army:

The bottom one is obviously for Snipers.  The next one up I wore when I was a Team Leader in weapons squad.  Finally, the one at the top is what I wore when I was in SF as the Senior 18B (Weapons Sergeant) on my team.  You can see how these identification badges evolved over the years, Ranger battalion starting off with the nylon border before having velcro on the edges of the front of the patch.  This was so you could flip it over and stick it on your shoulder to cover up your info while at a base somewhere.  I stole the design when I had the patches made from my ODA years later.

The coin at the top was given to me by the Regimental Sergeant Major but for the life of me I can’t remember what for…  It may have been from when I graduated Ranger School.  The coin in the middle was given to me by General Stanley McChrystal in Iraq when I re-enlisted.  The bottom coin is a team coin that my ODA had made up, so very few are in existence.  I believe the template to make them was also destroyed afterwords.

I bet you are wondering why my ODA called itself “The Wedding Crashers”.  Well, that’s a story for another time…


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