Reflexive Fire, the new military thriller, shipment arrives!

Yes, this is a show-off post.

Pretty much all of these books have been spoken for at this point.  If there is enough interest I may order another shipment if enough people ask me for autographed copies.  Otherwise, you can always order the paperback (or Kindle edition) on Amazon.  It’s been a wild ride and I’ve met lots of interesting people along the way.  In a few days I will be sending the book out to Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, all over the United States, and maybe I can drum up some interest from my buddies in South Africa as well.  Thanks for reading!


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12 responses to “Reflexive Fire, the new military thriller, shipment arrives!

  1. Jack, well done! I will post this on some South African pages.

  2. Wayne, I would like to send you a review copy for free. Could you provide a mailing address?

  3. That is very kind of you Jack. I will send a friends address as I am moving about a bit right now.

  4. Awesome, you can hit me up at the same email:

  5. John

    Now that is just plain shown off..

    Very cool – tip-jar has been filled.

  6. Big show-off! DId you take advantage of Createspace’s new no-proof deal after correcting the initial problems?

  7. I did, and the problems with the proof copy were corrected so I am happy I skipped over ordering a second proof to save some time. Although I had some difficulty formatting the cover images, I’m very happy with create space. Reflexive Fire is a damn good looking product! I’m biased, but we will see what the readers think.

  8. EG

    Hi there mate!
    Looks like you’re doing well so far and I will most definitely get a copy off of Amazon as soon as things settle down here. I’m willing to bet it’s an amazing read!


  9. Thanks EG, I hope you enjoy it!

  10. I’m impressed. Good work. You need to come visit my blog and get the list of military forums I visit on a daily basis. A couple like and probably won’t let you hype it but the others will.
    I take it you self published it? If so, you might want to also check out They might take it and mass publish or POD it so you can distribute through the military retail sales outlets like AFEES.

  11. Thanks for writing in this space Dale, I really appreciate it. Thanks for the pointers as well. I’m going to investigate some of these avenues and I hope you will stay in touch. Some good ideas here!

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