The Villians of Reflexive Fire

The three villains in my novel are puppet masters manipulating global events. Far from fiction, they are based on real people.  I won’t say who but I think smart readers can readily determine their identity for themselves.  All three are eugenicists, that is to say they believe that anyone who is not of their social class is inferior and needs to be wiped out.  Eugenicists often talk about other human beings in terms of animal husbandry and write about “culling the herd”.  Does this sound familiar to you?  It should, the American and British Eugenics movement directly influenced Nazi Germany.  The history of the Eugenics movement is well documented in the book, “War Against the Weak,” by Edwin Black but one of the failings of this work is that it does not adequately trace the Eugenics belief system into our present day, much less point the finger at those who still promote this ideology.

In the below videos you will see a one hour presentation given by Dr. Webster Tarpley who walks us through the ideas, history, and belief system of modern eugenics, specifically those ideas promoted by Dr. Eric P. Holdren, the current White House “science czar”.  Yes, I know, Alex Jones the famous “conspiracy theorist” produced these videos.  Please give them an hour of your time, Tarpley is a historian with a long track record.  I’ve read his book “Against Oligarchy” about Venetian banking cartels and find his work to be high quality.



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26 responses to “The Villians of Reflexive Fire

  1. John

    Very disturbing stuff here. I am through the first installment. Very chilling – but what I have felt the progressive movement has been after for the better part of a century, genocide on an unimaginable scale. No human being could think like this.
    Similar to something I caught in college, AA Bartlett and Exponential Growth. All bunk assuming an unvarying, linear universe.

    I much prefer the Freeman Dyson future view. Thomas Gold’s work debunks the vast majority of Bartlett…

    I’ll keep watching your links…my i-pad is having playback issues.

    • Thanks for the links, I will check them out. If you go to Tarpley’s website you can read “Against Oligarchy” for free (along with his expose on George HW Bush) where he traces the history of earth’s “carrying capacity” back to a defrocked Venetian monk named Giamarria Ortes. There is a few chapters dedicated to Ortes and his spawn like Malthus and others. I believe he even goes back into ancient civilization to a text written in ancient Greece by “the old oligarch” (we don’t know who he is) who lambasts technology and complains about how the world was over populated which was why they had to have the Trojan War! It’s a sickness these people have, they see technology and successful people as a threat to their own elite status and privilege. Sadly, many, many Americans believe this nonsense because they’ve been propagandized for their entire lives, particularly in the schools.

  2. John

    Just finished the videos. It fits exactly to what I have felt about the progressive movement for over a decade. Their ideas make Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mugabe, and Pol Pot look like amateurs in aggregate. They are truly foul, evil beings – human in no way.

  3. And people wonder how so many Germans bought into Nazi propaganda back in the 30’s and 40’s. Today, it is much more insidious because it hides behind the cover of compassion and caring. There are all kinds of human zombies out there who have never heard of eugenics but none-the-less believe in and support the insane environmental policies that would kill billions of people.

  4. John


    Exactly true – I remember a famous “AfterSchool Special” when I was a kid that drove this point home in a one hour show…
    Seems rather shallow but very deep in the same point. I would bet money that show would never be shown in modern TV land. It fits into the AGW hysteria exactly – and far more people would make the leap to the final solution espoused by these environmentalist terrorists. Show it right after “An inconvenient truth” and watch the hysterics,,,
    The question to ask – what has killed more people? A nuclear reactor meltdown after a once a millennium earthquake combined with the casualties from an offshore oil-rig that led to the largest (yet “unexpectedly” not long lasting, how’s that work…) domestic oil spill in history – or….. A german organic sprout farm. The “green” life these people love is hard, short and awful – I grew up a farmer, that is some hard living.

    Time to keep educating people at every turn.

  5. I don’t have a problem with organic food, I actually am very cautious about genetically modified organisms, especially since reading William Engdahl’s “Seeds of Destruction”. That is some haunting stuff to say the least. But I see your point. The environmental movement is anti-progress and anti-technology. Rather than innovate and come up with new technologies and techniques, they rather seek to turn back the clock so that we all “live in harmony with Gaia” or some such. It’s the pursuit for the Noble Savage in many ways, something that never was and never will be. If you look at our media today, we are sold on the idea of austerity, as if there is something noble about starvation. We are expected to live “within our means”, and I think we knew what those code words mean, while the elites continue to do what they do. I don’t think Al Gore is going to give up the multiple palaces that he own or the private jet flights.

  6. John

    Thanks for the insight on another read. Gotta expand my book budget.
    Did you get a chance to compare and contrast Tarpley and Bartlett?

  7. They appear to be polar opposites from what I gather. Barlet is definitely in the camp of Malthus, Ortes, and our friend Eric Holdren. I haven’t given his presentations a hard look though.

  8. Dear God, I’m on video #3 of Bartlet’s presentation. This guy is killing me. I’m not going to spend all day on this guy’s shenanigans but this is academic quackery in rare form. He starts off applying the sequence of squares to all human activity. This sort of thing, and he is guilty of boiling all human action to arithmetic alone throughout the presentation, comes from Venetian school that believed that all human action could be explained by figures inside columns on a piece of graph paper.

    Much of the information he presents is flat out incorrect. America has a 2.2% population growth (and that is only because of illegal immigrants) which is the smallest number needed simply to maintain where we are currently at. Each couple needs to replace themselves but compensate for those who don’t procreate because of disease, war, accidents, or wimpy men who just want to play Xbox all day. Europe and Japan have negative population growth, as civilizations they are pretty much over, it’s a demographic and economic issue. George Freidman goes as far as to say that by 2080 the US government will actually pay immigrants to come here and work because we will be in such dire straights from a small amount of young people having to support so many old people in their retirement.

    Japan has serious demographic issues and are already facing what I describe above. Russia is in serious demographic decline as well. If anything we have an underpopulation problem. India’s population is going to level out soon. China is facing a nightmare because of the state interfering with population issues (one child policy, forced abortions, the state abducting children…really grizzly stuff) combined with cultural considerations, such as the perceived low value of female babies.

    We also know that people have less children as their socio-economic situation improves. If we were serious about preventing population explosions in the third world, the best thing we could possibly do is encourage development, help these countries get up on their feet. Improve infant mortality and people won’t have to have so many children to begin with.

    I recently gave a class presentation in my environmental science class on over population. You wouldn’t believe how fast the kids in this class (raised in an era of political correctness no less) jumped on the idea of austerity and forced abortions and sterilizations, AKA Eugenics. I was the only one arguing against such draconian measures!

  9. John

    I saw this pitch 26 years ago and it is just wrong. I’ll be able to expand more when I get to a good keyboard. Don’t kill your precious time but know that this man is highly “regarded” in academia- what you are battling in college now has very deep roots. I imagine I will have to tangle with the prof. Intellectually in the near future if I can.


  10. John

    Good Evening Jack,

    First and formeost – sorry I seemed terse earlier. No excuse except that I was posting on my phone……lousy excuse but the best I can come up with.

    You have hit it on the head with those who live in a static, unchanging world. They believe in a finite set of resources and do not believe in the advacnement of mankind via technology – the best analogy I have is the “learned” reports from the start of the 20th century concerning mankind advancing no further technologically. This was before the first recorded heavier than ari powered flight. Without diving into the details you have readily at hand – the base assumption of these people is finite resources and entropy always increasing – that is, things will end eventually. And since they are the educated elite they feel that they know what is best for the rest of us serfs. This is being manifested horribly in Europe and the old Soviet Union – the enlightened ones are breeding themselves out of existence, by not breeding. Europe is corrupted by its superior intellect (hah) and the old Soviet States are crippled by the after-effects of communism. Asia and Africa are boiling pots. China has put-off it’s demise, but again the ruling elite has put into effect policies that abrogate human kinds natural tendencies to raise children in a sloppy unplanned way. This is a very probabilisitc way of determining greatness – much like in modern physics where quantum physics has supplanted newtonian physics. You can not plan discovery and greatness ala a “Five year Plan” – it happens through chance/probability. Lots of failures leading to greatness – the very basis of the US Consitution. A document like no other in world history, based on the greatness of the free man, not on the “greatness” of the ruling elites….
    Which brings us back to AA Bartlett and his views. For a man held in such high regards (he finished all his classes by reading an article and telling his students to read and understand what was being printed) his ideals are mired in static, newtonian physics. He completely discounts the changes wrought by technology – his ideology has likely interfered with his critical thinking abilities. His belief is the belief you fear as a young man in the USA – no hope as the elder generation pillages the treasury and leaves no practical method for the following generations to rise even higher. This attitude also dooms billions to death in the third world – genocide on an unimaginable scale. Luckily there are those in his profession of much higher esteem who believe in the greatness of men solving problems. (cont)

  11. No problem, John, I didn’t even notice.

    I agree, setting people free results in a huge inflation of a energy and innovation. There is a lot we can do right now, but I think humanities real future will come about when we create free energy devices, be it cold fusion, energy from the vacuum, or more likely, something none of us have even imagined yet. Sometimes I wonder if we are not 100 years or more behind where we should be from a scientific standpoint.

  12. John

    As for me – I believe in the greatness of free-men. I believe we have solved all problems with our minds. We have stepped away from the finite resources box of the progressive, ruling elite.
    The key is to keep proving their theories wrong.

    As a palette cleanser I leave a link to another physicist of great deeds in his field, just as “liberal” as AA Bartlett but whose belief is in the future – those problem solving prowess of free minds being able to solve all problems. The video interviews are driving the ecoterrorists batty. There are many more on youtube as well.

    The money quote is in the second video – no need to stop burning coal and oil (and thus dooming billions to death) but his mind is still pretty open to technological solutions to a problem (be it real or not…that is open in my mind).
    “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong”
    Richard Feynman

    The finite resources people are all wrong (how does the Saturn moon Titan have Methane lakes if methane is “fossil fuels”).

    As long as we still have “Deckard” – be he a soldier delivering justice or a technocrat working long hours debunking garbage science – we have better than a punchers chance of beating back this inhuman set of theories.


  13. John

    Good Afternoon Jack,

    This speech is the one that the ecoterrorists went after Freeman Dyson over. Drove them batty that someone would deviate from the line….

    It is the basis of his book “A Many Colroed Glass”


  14. Hmm, unfortunately I can’t seem to get the video player to work on this website. I will try to find it on youtube.

  15. A good presentation, I liked some of his unconventional ideas. By the way, is he the inventor of the Dyson Sphere?

  16. John

    Good evening Jack,

    Freeman Dyson is one and the same – inventor of the Dyson Sphere. He also championed Project Orion, launching pocket battleship size spacecraft on atom bombs. If you have ever read “Footfall” (good near future science fiction) the archangel Michael is an Orion warship. The man thinks very large.


  17. Pretty cool. I enjoyed his presentation, he even touched on over population at the end although his answer got cut off. The Dyson Sphere is a interesting concept all right. I read somewhere that it would take more matter to build one than exists on our planet…so I suppose you would need nanotech, building atoms from scratch to create it. I read this Manga a while back called Blame! which is really high-concept far future science fiction series. It is about a lone protagonist wandering through an industrial wasteland, some people called it a Cyber Dungeon. The comics hint that a previous civilization created automated robots and systems to build infrastructure and after some kind of singularity humans nearly went extinct but the builders continued to build for hundreds, thousands, millions of years… no one knows. It is really bizarre and surreal, the art work was great. Check out the first book at least and see if it is your thing.

  18. John

    Good Evening Jack – Blame sounds interesting. It looks to be available out on the internet for free. I cut my teeth on “Heavy Metal” years ago, and I really like Blade Runner so this may just flow right in. I’ll keep “eyes wide open”

    Of course the trade is “Ringworld” from Larry Niven – a different take on Dyson spheres..available for a song at nearly all used bookstores. And awesome artistry to boot at his site.


  19. That’s right, if you are into Bladerunner and read Heavy Metal as a kid than you’ll probably love Blame! It’s very conceptual but doesn’t explain what’s going on, it just kind of pulls you forward with the characters. Very strange stuff, nothing else out there like it. I might also recommend Ghost in the Shell by Masamune Shirow. I’m sure you’ve already seen the movie or maybe the tv shows but the comic is really something amazing.

    • John

      Blame certainly is surreal…add some Blue Oyster Cult to the sound track and it will really move…very interesting stuff.

  20. It’s a big head trip, wait until you get to the books that start messing with time as well.

    • John

      Yeow – I am through Chapter 4 already. It is a trip….

      Is it just me or did the art work get cleaner as it goes through? Very interesting – similar theme to the old Metagaming “Rivets” and “Ogre/GEV” – really pretty cool.

  21. His art does evolve as the series goes on, for sure. One of the interesting things about Japanese comics is that the way they do it, it is a one man band. The artist also writes, inks, colors (when he has the time), and does everything himself. Some of the more famous manga artists might have some apprentices to help out but it is nothing like here in the US where a single monthly comic has an entire team behind it.

  22. Yes, a group of high-powered women formed the Belizean club (which meets in Belize of course) in order to counter the discrimination of the Grove. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor was a member but withdrew him membership before the confirmation hearing to avoid any undue controversy. Really, I see articles like this as something of a cover up in of themselves. The real controversy is that you have high ranking government and business leaders meeting in secret, pledging secret oaths, and engaging in sophomoric occult behavior. The allegations of homosexual behavior at the grove just reinforce the type of decadence that goes on there. As Dr. Tarpley says in the videos, the grove is one of a number of centers of hidden power where the ruling oligarchy plots our destiny for us.

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