New interview on the Two-Fisted Blog!

A new interview with yours truely is posted on Hank’s Two Fisted Blog, worth a look in my highly biased opinion!  Here is a small bit from it:

2FB: So tell us about Deckard: What would his resume read like? More importantly, how would you describe his personality, motivations, etc.?  Assuming he has time off in between jobs, how does he like to spend it and where does he go?

As far as his professional and personal background, I leave that fairly murky.  This was done intentionally in order to reveal a little more about him with each book.  I hope it doesn’t tick readers off but I think it is interesting to develop a character over the course of several books, revealing more about him within the plot of each novel.  However, even in Reflexive Fire we learn a little bit more about him as we get deeper into the book.

Deckard comes from a military background and at some point was recruited into the world of covert operations, but somewhere along the way he had a falling out with certain governmental agencies and now plies his trade as a freelance operative, working mostly singleton operations in the far corners of the world.  In terms of personality he is a little odd, you’d have to be in order to do his job, and somewhat obsessive.  He is the type of soldier who went far too deep to ever return to “normal” life, I don’t think there is any turning back for him.  Despite this, Deckard is a reasonable human being; he lives by a certain code and has lines that he won’t cross.  What does he do in his down time?  I don’t think he even knows what to do with himself during those moments and probably indulges himself until he can’t take the boredom anymore.

In terms of motivation, well, if there is any doubt in the reader’s mind by the end of the book, Deckard’s final words in the novel will leave no doubt as to why he does what he does.

Jack Murphy’s Two Fist Blog Interview


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3 responses to “New interview on the Two-Fisted Blog!

  1. John

    Shoot Jack,

    You and Hank are going to drain my accounts if your keep this up – kidding.

    I’ll always keep a reserve for E. Barlow’s next work. This e-book vehicle is awesome.

    Good interview – interesting train of thought on the “downtime” option. Similar to the Toyota theory – never fire the man, just give him nothing to do until he quits….


  2. I might need to save up for Barlow’s new book as well. Writing is a cruel mistress. Make a few bucks selling your book only to turn around and give it back to Amazon!

  3. John

    Now that is worth a chuckle……….

    Out to dig around my piggybank for some more recommended articles. I do have a feeling my mind will integrate all this information overload in the next few days and I will wake up with something interesting rattlling around my head.

    Something is happening out there in the world the next few weeks – gonna be a wild ride.


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