Hatchet Force Journal

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Hatchet Force Journal is a new, and all to rare, voice in the world of action-adventure. I just finished my copy last night and I can say that it is certainly worth an hour or two of your time for fans of action flicks and pulp fiction novels.

The first quarter of issue one is taken up by an introduction to the new journal and the genre. Some very well written essays appear on the topic of “New Pulp” as well as providing a chronological history as to how pulp fiction has gotten to this point. Jack Badelaire also gives us a hint as to what we are in store for in future issues and where this genre is heading as a whole with the advent of electronic book readers.

My favorite part of this issue was the interview with Mack Maloney, the author of “The Pirate Hunters”. He goes in depth into the publishing industry, his career as a writer, and talks about the genesis of the books he has written. I’ve never read Maloney’s books but now I’m going to have to track a few of them down. That’s the fun in a publication like this, discovering something new and interesting.

Several well written reviews of 80’s pulp material like Mack Bolan spin off, Able Team and The Penetrator (No, seriously…) are also available, not to mention a good run down on The Hof’s humble beginnings as Knight Rider. Also included is a very articulate film review of “Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia”.

Last but not least is a good chunk from Hank Brown’s novel, “Hell and Gone”, a worthy inclusion that I hope brings this under rated book some more attention. Overall, Issue One is a solid effort and much more worthy of periodical reader’s time than what is frequently available on physical news stands. The genre intro went on a little longer than necessary, I mean, if you are reading this e-magazine you probably already know about pulps, but it gives great promise of things to come. I would recommend Hatchet Force to any fan of the genre, it is equally pleasing to those looking to recapture some nostalgia as it is to those looking for new contemporary works.

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