Reflexive Fire: Released this week!

I love it when a good plan comes together.  My cover artist just delivered the final product to me this morning.  Personally, I think it was worth the wait for something like this.  I will post some more details about the cover later but the big news is that my novel, “Reflexive Fire” is currently being published by Amazon.  Coming in at nearly 400 pages, I think it breaks some of the genre’s preconceptions and will give readers an action-adventure novel like they’ve never read before.  The Kindle edition should be ready for sale in just a few days and the paperback copy is my next project, certainly you should be seeing that sometime in July.

For those of you who have been following this blog and my works for the last year, I owe you a huge thank you!  I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from fellow authors, fans, and other interested parties.  Writing this book has been a great experience.  For anyone who is just joining us, here is the synopsis for the book, I hope that you will consider reading the rest:

As a freelance assassin, Deckard is no stranger to the shadow world of covert operations, but when he is summoned to Bohemian Grove and hired to train and lead a battalion of Kazakh mercenaries, he soon discovers his employer’s real agenda: a doomsday plot decades in the making.

Now, free humanity’s only chance for survival rests with Deckard’s renegade Private Military Company. From Afghanistan, to Burma, and beyond, the clock is ticking down to global extinction.

Just days away!


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7 responses to “Reflexive Fire: Released this week!

  1. Kick ass. Hatchet Force Journal #1 went up onto Amazon last night – it’s currently “in review”, which is where I’m assuming RF is right now. Time to cross our fingers and see how things go – But that cover beats my piss-poor photoshopping skills any day!

  2. Mine too! I’m glad I had a professional do it. Yes, it sounds like both our books are in some kind of literary purgatory at the moment. Just so you know, I did place an ad for Hatchet Force at the end of my book. It is pretty much just your cover and it says something like, “Buy the exciting first issue now!” and then has a link to your blog.

  3. Well done Jack. Took a lot of hard work and “vysbyt” for you to get here!

  4. Coolness dude – thanks! I intend on putting together a standard advert graphic that can go pretty much anywhere. Did you use the new cover that’s on the Journal now?

    BTW, just put up a post on PMP giving this release a shout-out.

  5. Thanks Wayne. I see writing a book as a life experience. I’ve learned a lot and I’m sure I will have to tweak a few more things as I go but it has been worth it. JB, yes, I used the most recent cover image. Since it is only in the kindle version at the moment, it is easy to change down the line if you come up with a better ad later.

  6. Kudos, Jack. The cover looks even better, now. I just blogged about Hatchet Force before finding out you went live. I “liked” both of them, and just submitted your first Amazon review. I’ll probably repost the review on the 2-fisted blog later in the week to hopefully add to the buzz.

    I’m happy to (officially, now) have the competition. Rock on, bro. 🙂

  7. !!! Thanks so much Hank!

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