Combat Squirrel

Screw it, this is the best idea I’ve seen yet for a book cover!


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5 responses to “Combat Squirrel

  1. He’s tabbed too? I don’t remember seeing him in any of the graduation photos. I’m calling down to the school tomorrow to have them pull his blue card.

  2. You need to photoshop in an AK-103, Glock, and Samruk badge once you work out the design. That’d be totally be badass.

  3. I’m still trying to verify when and if he graduated from Ranger School. Word on the street is that this squirrel quit in Mountain Phase.

    In all seriousness, I’m hammering out details with an artist for the cover right now. I’m pretty excited about this guy. More to follow.

  4. alison

    Oh God! I’m afraid to ask?! … however, that IS funny.

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