PROMIS featured on the Two Fisted Blog today

Hank Brown did a great write up of the first issue of PROMIS and I answered some more questions, including the meaning behind the title:

Jack Murphy: PROMIS is the name of a controversial computer program developed in the 1980’s by a company called INSLAW.  PROMIS stands for Prosecutors Management Information System.  Back in those days the Justice Department was losing cases because they couldn’t keep track of the files in the primitive computers they had.  PROMIS was developed and sold to the government to allow various computer systems to cross talk and communicate between each other.  The software was eventually stolen by the CIA and allegedly used to launder millions of dollars of drug money.  This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the PROMIS software scandal and any investigation into this subject will inevitably lead down a road that takes the researcher into subjects like Iran-Contra, the October Surprise, and the murder of a journalist named Danny Casolaro to keep it all quiet.  I can’t do the subject justice here but those who are interested should read “The Last Circle,” by Cheri Seymour or for a primer read the following article: “

I named this series PROMIS because the over all story arc will cover the development and intrigue surrounding the PROMIS software scandal.  In issue one we see the very beginnings of a fictionalized PROMIS in Leon Petraska’s formulas.”

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