PROMIS Issue 1: Vietnam

As you can see the main page here at Reflexive Fire has been hit with a shotgun blast from my new short entitled PROMIS.  It is the first in a series that will follow Sean Deckard, the father of the protagonist in my novel, Reflexive Fire.  The first issue revolves around Sean’s time running recon with Studies and Observations Group (SOG) and taking part in cross border operations during the Vietnam War.  You will also be introduced to Leon Petraska, a CIA funded scientist with some big ideas that the brass isn’t quite ready for.  Remember, you can sample the first five pages right here on the website before buying PROMIS for 99 cents at Amazon.

Click the picture for the Amazon link.

Sergeant Sean Deckard has been running recon with America’s ultra secret Studies and Observations Group for over a year, taking part in cross border operations into Laos, Cambodia, and North Vietnam. Coming off a mission that nearly decimates his entire team, Sean is given yet another suicidal task. It is a mission that could end the Vietnam War, a mission that powerful forces will do anything to prevent from happening.

Issue One in an exciting new military fiction series.

Short Story / Approx. 45 pages.

Also, don’t forget to check out the preview of Issue 2!


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4 responses to “PROMIS Issue 1: Vietnam

  1. Folks, this story is awesome. I hope to write a review this week, but for now I’ll say that PROMIS #1 is an absolute must-read.

    (One minor point of note, though; don’t use “decimate”. I’m one of those assholes who likes to point out that the term means “one out of ten”…)

    I’m more than half way through John Plaster’s utterly fantastic account of this covert war in SOG, and PROMIS is spot-on in its depiction of cross-border combat operations. Very well done!

  2. Thanks for the PMP bump Jack!

  3. Cool. I’ll go a’Kindling here in a minute.

  4. Thanks Elijah, I hope you enjoy it.

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