Three covers…decisions, decisions, decisions…

Well, I’ve been working on the cover for my new project.  It’s a short story, the first in a series about a mercenary’s career through the 1970’s and 1980’s.  The first issue is about the protagonists beginnings in MACV-SOG towards the end of the Vietnam war.  I am  still conflicted about some of the subtleties of the colors and backgrounds for the cover.  What do you think?





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7 responses to “Three covers…decisions, decisions, decisions…

  1. Nathan Stitt

    Definitely the first mock up. The mix of white and red font is definitely more of an attention grabber than using red at the top and bottom of the last two images. I kinda like the distortion of the second image, you could try a combination of the middle image with the fonts from the first one.

  2. Good idea Nathan, I’ll give it another try. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Gary Hart

    My two cents is about your operator’s gear, rather than the coloration (which I agree with the earlier comment regarding pic A) In the JWTC in Panama in ’72-’74, the knife of choice was the Navy MkII Kabar, which was distinguishable by its round pommel. The knife your guy is wearing is the piece of junk Camilus survival knife which could not be coaxed into holding an edge if your life depended on it. It is distinguished by its unique six sided pommel and distinctive sheath.

  4. Thanks for the pointer Gary, that is one of those things I never would have caught on to. The picture has been graciously lent to me by some Vietnam Reenactors at I thought about doing a cover shoot myself but I could never come close to the accuracy that these guys have. I couldn’t be more lucky than to be able to use material like this for the cover, most people will never know the difference but guys like me love the details…the STABO rig, the OD fatigues, even the Montagard friendship bracelet is a great touch.

  5. Jack

    I would go for option 1, mix of colours looks best.

    As for the knife, you are right on the Kabar. All the SOG vets we have spoken to say that this was the most common knife, the survival knife was used though.

    All the vets point out that the SOG knife was also a piece of junk!!!

  6. Just a slight aesthetics point – unless you have a real reason to not show the person’s face clearly in the cover photo, lay out everything so the face is visible. It just looks really awkward to me to have his face covered up like that.

    If he needs to remain unidentifiable, I’d just go ahead and block him out with a band across the top from the chin up so the text is on a dark background. Keeps it from, in my opinion, looking messy. Otherwise, there’s too much going on in the background.

    I work with a couple of professional magazine layout designers. I could get an opinion / suggestions on the cover if you like.

  7. Thanks guys, his face doesn’t have to be obscured but I prefer to leave some things to the readers imagination. In the new cover I posted I blurred the face out because, trust me, it looked silly with one eye peering through the hole in the O in PROMIS. I think I’m going to be able to have a professional graphics guy take a stab at the cover for me, but of course I’m open to suggestions. If you want to run it by some layout designers that would be great.

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