Cover shots, take two…

Okay, so I’ve been having some issues with the last image being low-resolution.  I might still try to make it work since viewers will only see the thumb nail in Amazon but what does everyone think of this as an alternative?  Thanks to everyone who has been leaving feedback so far!


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4 responses to “Cover shots, take two…

  1. Hmm. Different shot. I still have an issue with the face hidden behind the title. I liked the other torso better because 1) the darker image just looked better to me and 2) he looked like he was on patrol.

    It just occurred to me–there are filters and adjustments in Photoshop you could play around with (like paint smudge, or grain) that might obscure the face enough to achieve the anonymity you’re shooting for without resorting to the awkward torso shot, but not completely destroy the details of his weapons and gear. Would take some playing around, probably.

  2. I’ve been experimenting with just that Hank. In this shot I messed around a little with the highlights/contrast thingie to darken the image a little bit. I’m having a professional take a whack at it right now as a favor, which is real cool. Let’s see what he comes up with. Looking at his portfolio he is very talented with computer graphics.

    Yeah, the face in this shot, I agree. It does look a little awkward. I’m not sure the posed shot works as well but I do like that it looks like he is on the Ho Chi Minh trail…plays into the story although no one is likely to notice that.

  3. Nathan Stitt

    I like the layout better, but prefer the original pic. This one looks staged and the other one seemed to be taken in the field. I don’t really have an opinion on the face hidden behind the text as it didn’t bother me.

  4. I agree Nathan, unfortunately I’m having some technical difficulties with the original picture. We’ll see what I can work out…

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