Day to day living conditions in Afghanistan

In a past post I showed some pictures of our compound in Iraq in 2010, where we lived in CHU’s.  CHU’s are Compartmentalized Housing Units imported to Iraq from Italy.  Basically they are micro-trailer homes, or a really high end whack shack, depending on your point of view.  Still, that is pretty good living compared to Afghanistan in 2004 where as a dozen troops, we were crammed into a GP Medium tent.  In this picture you can see my bunk, with the jumbo sized duffle bag sitting underneath (jumbo sized for transporting dead hookers of course!), and my SR-25 sniper rifle laid out on my shooting mat.

Okay, okay, let me explain the crucifixes…  We built those to sling our combat gear over.  The shoulder straps of your body armor rest on the lateral portion and your helmet sits up on the vertical piece at the top.  This way your gear is always ready to go at a moments notice.


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6 responses to “Day to day living conditions in Afghanistan

  1. Now that is a cushy hootch.

    I just had a normal duffel bag–could only transport dead Pygmie hookers.

  2. Or full size hookers in multiple pieces.

  3. Just as long as you only call them “hookers” after they’re dead…

    Show of hands if you get the Archer reference…

  4. I thought hookers were not real people and thus can’t be considered living or dead…

  5. I fold – that’s the winning comment of the day…

  6. This also makes them undead and so the question of zombies comes into play as well.

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