What “Reflexive Fire” is about

The Premise

Current events sometimes seem to make the basic premise behind my book seem obvious, but I hope not passe, not yet anyway.  My novel deals with a clash between the Old World Order and the New World Disorder.  On one hand we have the Old World Order, also known as the Anglo-American empire, the old money and old families of the United States and Europe.  These are the controllers behind groups like the Counsel on Foreign Relations, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, The Federal Reserve, and others.  They’ve been playing their geo-political games, pitting nations and ethnic groups against each other for hundreds of years.  Playing The Great Game as determined by the Old Rules.

The New World Disorder has been ramping up since the 1990’s, after the end of the Cold War.  The old order began to break down, accelerated by 9/11.  The current revolutions underway, spreading from Tunisia, to Egypt, to the rest of the Arab world are the perfect example of this.  We are entering an era of ungovernability, an era in which the very idea of the nation-state is becoming obsolete.  Moving in to fill the void will be terrorists, drug cartels, militias, mercenaries, trans-national corporations, and others.  On the other hand, decent people will also carve our their own niches, creating something positive as well.  Much of this was perfectly summarized by Robert J. Bunker as far back as 1996, in his article about Fourth Epoch War.  In other words, the State has begun to lose it’s monopoly on violence.

The premise of my novel comes from the conflict between these two global systems.  The new threatens to destroy the old.  The old centers of power are now at risk of losing control to a type of technological decentralization that is really viral in nature.  What would the old establishment do to prevent this from happening?  How far would they go to maintain their stranglehold on power?  In “Reflexive Fire” a small group of the Super-Elite form a coalition to prevent this from happening.  They prepare to institute their own Final Solution to take complete control over the world, forever.

Smedley Butler

General Smedley Butler was a genuine American hero, having been awarded two metals of honor.  After retirement, Butler was approached by a group representing certain Wall Street interests.  They were plotting a fascist coup here in the United States and wanted him to lead a 500,000 strong Army of World War I veterans to overthrow FDR.  Butler wisely played along until he could learn more about the conspiracy before blowing the whistle on the entire plot via a radio broadcast and testifying before Congress.

This got me thinking, what if a coup like this were being planned today, but on a global scale?  How would it be done?  Would someone like Smedley Butler be approached to lead it as before?


In my novel such a plot does exist, in the form of a massive de-population scheme.  The protagonist, a freelancer named Deckard, is approached by the Elite to lead their mercenary Army, carrying out combat operations as the world slips into their manufactured apocalypse.  But Deckard has other ideas for what his battalion of mercenaries will be used for, even as his paymasters send them around the globe in bids to consolidate their power before a massive extinction is to take place.

More later….


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6 responses to “What “Reflexive Fire” is about

  1. Very cool – I can only say I’m digging it more and more as time goes on. Any plans for either a sequel or a second book?

  2. I’m working on the sequel, which takes place primarily in Mexico, at the moment. I have some ideas for the third and fourth books as well, but it depends on what people think of “Reflexive Fire”, no need to continue doing the same thing hoping for a different result if people don’t like it.

  3. Excellent summary, Jack. As I’ve said before, this is the kind of book I love to read, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the final product when it’s ready.

    On trips to the crapper, I’ve been reading one of the newer Mack Bolan novels. It’s entertaining, but after reading just the first few chapters of both it and yours, it’s obvious that Reflexive Fire has a more solid anchor in reality.

    I hope you knock it out of the park when you publish.

  4. Check your email and get back to me if you would, please.

  5. Sorry Hank, I just shot a email back to you. Me and my old lady were watching “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Was better than I expected. Awesome trailer by the way, I’m going make a blog post about it when you take the trailer “live” so to speak.

  6. Hey, Jack: The trailer is live!

    You action hero, you.

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