Piracy in the 21st century

I found a pretty good write up on modern piracy and current counter-measures, written by the author of a new sniper manual that focuses on maritime operations.  Read it here.  Check out this helmet cam of Dutch commandos executing a hostage rescue of a cargo ship that had been taken over by Somalian pirates.  The author of the above articles states that this mission was possible because the ship’s crew had safely secured themselves in a safe room that had been installed on the ship.


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2 responses to “Piracy in the 21st century

  1. Nice. To me, this kinda’ ties into your previous post. I’ve been corresponding with the guy who runs SIA (now UNDISOL). He’s former SADF and has some ex-EO operators working with him. He’s been actively involved in hunting down some modern pirates. It was an eye-opener to me how much of this is still going on.

  2. Interesting, are these the guys who had been operating off the coast of Liberia? Also, I’ve read that contracts are finally going through for US/UK based firms to provide ship escorts and the like for boats passing north east Africa.

    I thought this video was interesting because the assault team goes into a hostage rescue with weapons hot, safeties off, laying down suppressive fire. This wouldn’t have been possible if the crew hadn’t already secured themselves in the ship’s safe room.

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