Well, I’ve taken the novel through the first edit, added some needed scenes, subtracted some redundant useless crap, and formatted it into a manuscript.  Now it’s off the the proof reader.  If anyone has any interest in beta-reading the book before it’s published please feel free to contact me.  I’m always interested in outside opinions, the more the better.  I don’t discriminate, I value the opinion of a ex-Army Colonel right alongside a stay at home mom.  This isn’t intended to be an elitist military only novel.

In the mean time, I will continue tweaking the novel before I do the final revision when the proof reader and any beta-readers give me their comments.  I will be re-doing large portions of this blog as well, and maybe doing an actual website for the book as opposed to just a blog site.

Thanks again to any readers out there!

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10 responses to “Manuscript

  1. Normally I’d volunteer, but I finally got my trailer music and am gonna be pretty busy for a while (like I’m not already). First I gotta figure out whether I should use Premiere or Encore, then figure out how to use them. I kinda’ tried to start learning, and I’m feeling overwhelmed. I don’t learn as fast as I used to.

    But anyway, I hope you get some good feedback. Don’t know if you should change to a website–I think blogs have a better chance of attracting traffic. I’ll probably renew my domain name, because I put so much work into the site and don’t want to flush that investment of time and effort. But I think websites are passe` now. Heck, blogs are getting to be, too. But that’s all my opinion based on my experience. If you do build a website, I’ll link to it.

  2. Good points, maybe I will just “professionalize” the blog a little bit. I plan on buying the reflexive fire domain name as well.

    For learning new programs, try going on youtube and checking out tutorials for what you want to learn. That is what I did when I was using photoshop to make those cover mock ups. I know those are not the best example…but seriously, those tutorials are a big help. I can’t wait to see this trailer. I’m thinking of doing one for my book but have it as more of an interview format, so that might be an idea as well.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. Looks there are plenty of tutorials out there–got plenty of homework to do.

    Actually, I think your blog banner is kinda’ cool. It says a lot just with the topo map, the passport and pistol. You might wanna consider incorporating something like that onto your back cover.

    Hmm. Interview format–I’m picturing something like the documentaries on the History Channel. That might be exactly what you need to draw in your prospective audience.

    Looks like I’m probably gonna use every photo you zipped to me for the trailer. Or almost all of them. 🙂 I really would like to find pix of a recoiless rifle, too. I actually have found some but haven’t got permission to use them. Think I’ll probably bite the bullet and buy some images off IStock. Every day I kick myself a little harder for losing the pix from my Army days. Hopefully the final product will be worth all this headache.

    When you run out of your own visuals to put on your blog, you can find lots of pix and video clips at I’ve seen some footage of A-10 sorties and some other high-speed clips. No luck getting a human being from there to tell me if I could borrow them for advertising purposes, but there’s nothing to stop you from using them on a blog. Just a thought.

    • I’d give you some pictures of a recoiless rifle if I had any, which is to bad. My first job in the Army was Anti-Tank gunner with the Carl Gustav system. I also got to shoot old M67 and the big bang, the 106mm M40 when I was going through the weapons sergeant portion of the Q-Course. We got to play with the SPG-9 but they didn’t have the ammunition for us to fire it. Browsing some of the those photo sites I think you will eventually turn up what you need for $20 or so, maybe less.

      *editors note: remove bipod legs from Carl Gustav before fast roping from a Blackhawk helicopter in order to prevent you from getting your equipment hung up while dangling on a rope fifty feet off the ground.

      **also note, jumping out of airplanes with the Carl Gustav wrapped up in a AT4 jump pack is not fun…at all…especially landing on tarmac…

      I would like to redesign the blog with a simple menu at the top, you know, a Author-Blog-Books-Contact type thing with some better visuals as a background and along the sides. The banner I will probably clean up a little bit and re-do. Did you use a wordpress theme for your novel’s website? Is so, which one?

      The interview format on the amazon page for your books seems like a good idea, a lot of big authors like Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn seem to be doing it. I don’t know if there is some stipulation against indie authors doing that but I imagine there is probably just a surcharge fee or something like that involved.

  4. I would be happy to read the manuscript and provide feedback. Working on my own novel, I know that it’s tough to find people who can give you substantive comments, so if I can help in any way, I’d be glad to do so. You can e-mail me via the address in my Blogger profile.

  5. Jack, I sent you a email. Definitely looking forward to any feedback from a huge fan of the genre like you!

  6. Jumping with a Carl Gustav? Ugh. Jumping with a Dragon was no picnic, though I did manage to avoid asphalt, powerlines, water, trees, etc, except for once…though the Air Force did their best to miss the DZ more often than not.

    My website I designed from scratch. I initially did it just by manually typing the HTML. Then I received Dreamweaver as a gift and converted my WIP into a template and went from there. Dreamweaver does make web-building much easier, though I think it’s stupid you can’t get rid of the “home” link on the home page itself when using a template. But I didn’t even know about WordPress at the time.

    Reflexive Fire does look a bit sleeker now. I’ll check out your progress whenever I find time.

    I did find some tutorials on Youtube–bits and pieces from different people’s series (never an entire series). I know enough now to be dangerous. Well, actually, I’ve got some of the basics down. I’m off tomorrow so I might be up late with Premiere tonight.

    If you like, you can be the first to watch my masterpiece when it’s done. Well, co-first along with my musician/composer. That and a few hundred bucks will pay for a moving violation in New York.

  7. That’s so funny…We had about a dozen pilots relieved after one of our jumps. We had a mortar section kid land on top of a hanger, lots of guys in the trees, I landed a few feet away from a F-16 sitting on the parking apron. Our battalion commander also took the liberty of setting the field around the airstrip on fire to simulate “pre-assault fires” so after jumping out of the plane and checking canopy we were all in for a surprise when we saw the ground underneath of was in flames! I keep forgetting, you were in the 82nd, right?

    I might have to look into dreamweaver, thanks. Definitely let me know when you get that trailer up as well.

  8. Holy crap! Now THAT is too funny. He lit the field on fire?????? That’s one of those things it takes a while before you can laugh about it. One CO had my company stand for inspection while the battalion was taking sniper fire. The reason for the inspection? “Morale.” I’m not making this up. Granted, nobody actually got hit; no rounds were coming uprange during the inspection; but still, the dude was on the loose somewhere in our AO, and had already taken a couple shots.

    Yeah, 82nd–Devil Brigade/504th. Seems like you’ve got a lot better stories to tell than I do, though. 😦 I’d love to “borrow” that one about the flaming DZ. I did land on another guy’s canopy once, but most of my stories seem pretty tame compared to others I’ve heard.

    No problem–you’ll be (one of the) first to see the trailer.

  9. I don’t know, I can’t compare my training jump gone awry to taking sniper fire while the CO has you in formation. On that same jump one of our PL’s actually landed in the fire…really, his chute caught on fire and everything. Also, after I missed the F16 by a few feet, another kid landed right next to me, literally scraping against the wing and getting his parachute tangled up in a the sidewinder missile!!! Your right, you really can’t make this stuff up.

    I have a good friend who was a gun bunny in Eighty Deuce, but that was a ways after you left, post-9/11. The SF guys I’ve met who came from that unit were really good dudes.

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