Chapter Nineteen online

Nothing much surprised Deckard as of late.

Richie had worked fast, cutting into bunker six with the thermic lance, the horsepower provided by a dump truck they found on the base helped them pry open the doors the rest of the way.

Inside were three Mk174 tactical nuclear weapons of the type that had become almost legendary in intelligence circles. The United States and Russia were the only two nations to have successfully miniaturized nuclear weapons to the extent that they could be carried in a suit case. They were the prized possession of both country’s nuclear arsenal.

Such weapons could be smuggled into a enemy country via commercial air travel or even strapped to a military free fall parachutists to deliver to a key target. These three were the latest models, with a yield of twelve kilotons a piece.

A military base run by mercenaries. Black project spy planes. Suitcase nuclear weapons.

The Counsel of Three that owned a controlling interest in Samruk, and in Deckard, also owned the United States government, National Security Counsel and all.

Their cargo boat bobbed and dipped in the ocean as heavy lines were thrown down to them from the stern of the super liner. Samruk’s mercenaries grabbed up the ropes and secured them to hard points along the side of the ship, mooring the two vessels together.

As this was done Deckard ordered the nukes rolled off the side of the ship.

They had been his best shot at using a Trojan horse to get close to the super liner and since he wasn’t coming under fire from the two destroyers, it appeared to have worked. The nukes themselves were in hard cases with multiple redundant systems. They would be safest at the bottom of the ocean until the US Navy could recover them at a later date. There was no way he was going to risk having them fall back into enemy hands.

Deckard watches the three metal cases splash and slip into the dark waters.

His men fired several stunted, suppressed gunshots, killing members of the super liner’s receiving party.

It was time to go to work.

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