Chapter Eighteen online

Adam was still trying to piece together what he was seeing. It looked like something literally out of this world. Roughly triangular shaped, it resembled a black porpoise designed for aerial flight. The nose of the aircraft, where the cockpit was located, was slightly bulbous, and tiny wings swept out on each side. I certainly didn’t look like anything designed for use by human pilots.

“What is it?”

“The result of a thirteen billion dollar no-bid contract,” Deckard answered. “The Air Force’s last manned spy plane.”


Deckard held up a finger a someone began transmitting over their radio frequency.

“-objective Hammerhead secure,” A German accented voice said over the net.

“Kurt took down the control tower,” Deckard said to no one in particular.

Another hiss of static came over the hand mike.

“-Objective White is secure.”

“This is Six,” Deckard responded. “Where is it?”

“Bunker number two.”

“Prep it for demolition immediately. I want a ETA as soon as possible.”


Deckard released the hand mic and took a deep breath.

“They found the virus’ catalyst,” Adam said voicing their thoughts.

Samruk’s commander nodded, a wave of relief washing over him.

“And this thing?” the intel specialist said pointing towards Aurora.

“Obviously they are planning on a war with whoever is left after their depopulation holocaust is complete. Looks like we pretty much fucked up that part of their plan already.”

Deckard craned his neck looking around.

“What is it?”

“They probably have the strategic bombers and attack helicopters in another hanger.”

“But what is the purpose behind Aurora?” Adam asked. “I worked in intel and I never even heard of this thing.”

“You’ve seen the high resolution pictures it took, you were just told they came from spy satellites to help keep the project compartmentalized. This baby was developed about ten years ago to help fill in the black spots not covered by our satellite network. Also, as you know, those satellite orbits are monitored and highly predicable. Training areas get sanitized and sensitive equipment gets stored under over head cover when US spy satellites come in for a look so they built Aurora as a counter.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“That’s because their isn’t anything else like it anywhere. It actually functions in contrary of several known laws of physics. Conventional scientists would never believe it exists which has helped keep it secret. Aurora operates in the mesophere where there is extremely little oxygen and nearly all anti-missile and anti-aircraft systems are ineffective. Aurora exploits this defensive gap by utilizing a plasma funnel in front of the intake valves to increase the intake of air.”


“That’s what I said. This is a spy plane but theoretically other models could deliver nuclear or other hyper velocity weapons on targets, that or drop out of orbit to put a free fall team over enemy territory.”

“And you know this how?”

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