Chapter Sixteen online

Footsteps echoed across the floor, reverberating through empty space.

Obsidian was inlaid into the marble floor forming a black sun wheel, stylized rays of dark light branching out from the center.

Situated in the center of the underground compound, the black sun formed the most ancient of archetypes.

The void of creation.

Hieronymus crossed over the antediluvian symbol, a single pillar of light shining down from the oculas and reflecting off ebony rock. The circular room was cloistered with various pillars, each a different style, originating from ages long forgotten. Some of the pillars were carytids, shaped in human and non-human forms. They were idealizations of man throughout the millennia, others were of creatures from before recorded time. The imagery was buried deep in the sub conscience of man and known to make the uninitiated ill with just a glimpse of their visages.

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