Getting addicted to this damn thing…

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4 responses to “Getting addicted to this damn thing…

  1. Robert Chevrette


  2. You like this one better? I hope to capture this same look with the other pictures (the ones in jungle fatigues) but I’m going to have to have a professional photographer (well, actually, my sister with a digital camera) take some more pictures to get them just right.

    • Robert Chevrette

      I don’t necessarily like this one “better” than the previous cover test shots, but I know it’s a real deal pic,….the photo you captioned as your “Soldier of Fortune cover” photo in a prior post.

      All of the test cover shots are pretty cool, actually.

      Couple of questions, though,……you mentioned in another post that the M4 you’re carrying had a 10.5-inch barrel. Was that the standard issue weapon you were given and carried all the time? Or was it because the shorter barrel length made it easier to use/maneuver in vehicles, buildings, and such?

      Also, the cover photo of you reloading the Kimber while your personal M4 is hanging from its sling,….the rifle is hanging so that the pistol grip/magazine is facing/pointing upward. Is that intentional? Does letting the rifle hang that way make it easier to grab or something? I thought that it would be better to sling it naturally, so that the pistol grip/magazine, etc, are facing downward, in a more ready-to-use manner.

      But then again, I’m a civilian, so what do I know? Lol.

      • Hey Rob,

        Thanks for your input. The 10.5 barrels were something well fell in on overseas at our team house. We used them to ease of maneuverability as you mentioned. Accuracy takes a hit but the rifle is designed for close engagements to begin with and we were doing CQB mostly.

        The way the M4 is hanging by it’s sling is the “correct” way, or a good technique at least in my opinion. Letting the rifle hang like that actually makes it tighter, locking the rifle in that position while you draw, fire, and if need be reload your pistol. Otherwise, the rifle swings around quite a bit while you are moving. I was striving for tactical accuracy as well as showing potential readers something they haven’t seen before. Even jaded readers/movie watchers probably haven’t seen a cover shot of a soldier in full kit reloading his handgun.

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