Something like this:

Super rough draft, but the mock up gives you the basic idea.  What do you think?

Like this one better?


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4 responses to “Something like this:

  1. Robert Chevrette

    Both are decent pics, although I think the second one (with your rifle in it) is a bit better. The first picture is kind of jarring to look at because of the way the title lettering cuts off your head. The second pic, with a bit of your face visible with the lettering, is better.

    One thing, though,….in the first pic (pistol only) you can see the US flag on the front of your gear, but isn’t it usually worn with the stars in the upper left corner. Seeing it with the stars in the upper right corner of the flag seems out-of-place, if you know what I mean.

    As for the pose, I still think you should go Bond style and have a couple of bikini clad chicks kneeling at your feet and gazing adoringly up at you. Lol.

    Did you take any “action” type photos? Like with the muzzle of your Kimber pointed right at the camera with a bit of your face visible behind the pistol. Or with your rifle, kneeling behind cover with the rifle shouldered as if you are getting ready to shoot. If the photo were taken from your right the stock of the rifle would block out the lower portion of your face and with a ball cap on only the area around your eyes would be visible. Would look kind of covert and mysterious.

    Anyway, just a couple of suggestions.

  2. Hey Rob,

    These are just mock ups so of course I wouldn’t use a picture where my head is lopped off like that, it is very distracting. I think the second cover is better as well. With the picture of the soldier taking up most of the cover and the background staying in the background I think the imagery pops out at you a lot better. I’m going to take some more photos and take another stab at it in a couple weeks now that I have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.

    The US flag is correct, when worn the flag should appear as it is blowing in the wind on a flag pole so it is the reverse to what we are used to seeing.

  3. joe


    Photos look good and congrats on writing the book. I would suggest some minor modifications to the pics to counter some criticisims that could come from different kinds of shooters.

    1) I would say whichever route you go would be fine; with or without rifle. However if you use the rifle, I recommend using the painted version you display in the later pics. I would also flip the rifle where the pistol grip and magazine face to the right. As a right- handed shooter, when you drop you rifle and go to your secondary, it will most likely be set with the ejection port out and in position for you to grab it again.

    2) I recommend switching the garmin runner watch to your left hand since you are a RH pistol shooter. I know just from using that exact model for running that it can effect the freedom of movement of your wrist and it seems it would could make it cumbersome if on shooting hand.

    3) I agree with Rob about the flag. I realize that the flag on the right shoulder is meant to have the stars forward, thus the flag with the stars on the upper right, however when the flag is viewed from the front, as on your vest, I believe the stars are supposed to be on the upper left, just as you would see it as a pic on a piece of paper (or on a ball cap).

    Hope these points are helpful. Again, just offered as something to look at and not meant to seem critical. Good luck with the book.

    J. Leach

    I am an Army ILE student and these views are represent my personal views and do not represent that of The Command and General Staff College.

  4. Hi Joe, thanks for stopping by and giving me some feedback on the cover design.

    1. The picture of me with the tan painted rifle is from Iraq. If I was to replicate that I would have to paint my personal rifle…maybe it is time to get out of the spray paint after all. I described above the rational for the positioning of the rifle, this is a technique taught in Special Forces urban warfare courses. Although no technique is the end all be all, and tactical shooting changes every year. Much of it depends of shooter preference.

    2. I agree about the Garmin. I’ve had mine snap off my wrist a few times while running cross country. The reason I had it on my right wrist here is because on my weak wrist (if you look carefully) is the garrote wire as described in chapter 1. After doing these mock up covers I have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. You can’t really see that garrote wire and I don’t think very many people would understand what it until they read the book. Next time I take some pictures for the cover I’m going to lose the garrote altogether and put the Garmin on my weak side wrist as you describe.

    3. Since it keeps coming up maybe I will reverse, flip, or do whatever that photoshop mojo is to create a mirror image, thus have old glory face out in a more conventional manner that people will understand.

    I appreciate the feedback, this helps me a lot in planning before doing up the final cover. Thanks again.

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